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Hospital Medicine

What is a Hospitalist?

A hospitalist specializes in the evaluation and treatment of hospitalized patients. Most hospitalists are board-certified internal medicine physicians who have undergone the same training as other internal medicine doctors who see patients in a clinic setting. The only difference is that hospitalists have chosen to only see patients who are in the hospital.

Will my Primary Care Provider see me in the hospital?

Your primary care provider (PCP) may or may not see you while you are in the hospital. Currently, most local PCPs partner with Washington Regional’s hospitalist team, allowing the hospitalists to treat your medical needs and offer you more focused attention while you are hospitalized. The hospitalist will work in coordination with your primary care provider, maintaining communication with them throughout your stay and upon discharge.

How does a Hospitalist’s care benefit me?

If you are hospitalized, your illness may be serious and require frequent and focused attention. Hospitalists are available 24/7 and only see hospitalized patients, which means they are easily accessible if an emergency arises or if you have concerns.