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Obstetric Hospital Medicine

What is an Obstetric Hospitalist?

An obstetric (OB) hospitalist specializes in the evaluation and treatment of hospitalized obstetric patients. They provide care for laboring patients and help manage obstetric emergencies that occur in the hospital. Washington Regional OB hospitalists are board-certified OB/GYNs who have undergone the same training as other OB/GYNs who see patients in a clinic and hospital setting. The difference is that OB hospitalists have chosen to only see patients who are in the hospital. 

Does an OB Hospitalist replace a patient’s OB/GYN?

An OB hospitalist is not intended to replace a patient’s regular obstetrician. However, OB hospitalists can provide immediate obstetric care for patients upon arrival at the hospital until their OB/GYN arrives. Our OB hospitalist team works in coordination with Washington Regional affiliated OB/GYNs and maintains communication with them throughout a patient’s stay and upon discharge.

How does an OB Hospitalist’s care benefit patients?

  • Provides emergency obstetric care
  • Provides care exclusively for labor and delivery patients
  • Delivers babies when a patient’s OB/GYN is unable to be present
  • Delivers babies for patients who don’t have an obstetrician
  • Supports the care of high-risk pregnancy patients

Our OB Hospitalists

Washington Regional Women and Infants Center
3215 N. Northhills Blvd.
Fayetteville, AR 72703
Telephone: 479.463.1000