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Comprehensive Stroke Center

Washington Regional Medical Center is the only Comprehensive Stroke Center in the region and only the second hospital in Arkansas to achieve certification as a Comprehensive Stroke Center by The Join Commission. As a comprehensive stroke center, Washington Regional provides the highest level of stroke care in Northwest Arkansas and is the only hospital in the region to provide 24/7 in-person care from stroke experts specially trained in stroke diagnosis, care and rehabilitation. Washington Regional has the capabilities to treat the most complex stroke cases with advanced treatments including minimally invasive stroke treatment options, such as thrombectomy, and is home to Northwest Arkansas’ first dedicated neurosurgical intensive care unit.

Stroke is a Medical Emergency

Getting immediate medical attention for stroke is crucial. If you or someone near you is showing any warning signs of a stroke, including sudden numbness of the face, arms, or legs, severe headaches, confusion or trouble speaking or walking, CALL 911 right away.

Partnering to Save Stroke Victims in Arkansas

Washington Regional provides 24/7 in-person stroke care in Northwest Arkansas and proudly participates in the IDHI Stroke Program, formerly AR SAVES (Stroke Assistance Through Virtual Emergency Support). Our experts provide consults to other Arkansas hospitals via telemedicine for the IDHI Stroke Program, helping those providers quickly and accurately evaluate stroke patients, administer appropriate lifesaving medication and facilitate transfer to our facility when needed.

Support for Stroke Patients, Caregivers and their Families

Washington Regional is proud to collaborate with American Heart Association Support Network to provide support to heart & stroke patients, caregivers and their families. If you or someone you love is recovering from a heart attack or stroke, a chronic condition or congenital heart defect, or is in rehab and recovery, join the conversation now and connect with others who have survived and thrived.

New Beginnings: A Stroke Support Group for survivors and their caregivers
First Thursday of every month at 4:00 p.m. 
To learn more and join the virtual meeting, click here
Contact: Shawnna Albritton, 479.444.2319 or the Stroke Patient Question Line, 479.463.7875.