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HerHealth Clinic Providers

Get to know the physicians at HerHealth Clinic. Our team of board-certified gynecologists and OB-GYNs are committed to empowering every woman on her health care journey, because we know that giving a woman the resources she needs to take control of her health can empower her life.


Candy E. Birch, MD


Dr. Candy Birch has been a physician at HerHealth Clinic since 2004 and enjoys helping her gynecology patients find solutions to their unique health concerns and challenges....


Laura M. Collins, MD


Dr. Laura Collins has been a physician at HerHealth Clinic since 2007. She especially enjoys caring for women throughout the different stages of life, from adolescence to their childbearing years and through menopause...


Mary Pat Hardman, MD


Dr. Mary Pat Hardman has been a physician at HerHealth Clinic since 2009. One of her favorite things about being an OB/GYN is caring for women at every age and stage of life...


Erin E. Large, MD


Dr. Erin Large is a third-generation physician and has practiced at HerHealth Clinic since 2016. One of the things she enjoys most about being an OB/GYN is being able to care for patients from their early 20s, through pregnancy and postnatal care, and into their post-childbearing years...


Alexis N. McCollum, MD


Dr. Alexis McCollum joined the team of HerHealth Clinic physicians in 2021. One of the things Dr. McCollum most enjoys about her job is being an advocate for women and helping them take control of their health...


Amy L. Scott, MD


Dr. Amy Scott has been caring for OB/GYN patients at HerHealth Clinic since 2013 and especially enjoys the long-term relationships she builds with her patients...


Britte D. Smith, MD


Dr. Britte Smith joined the HerHealth Clinic team in 2002. One of her favorite things about being an OB/GYN is being one of the first people to welcome a baby into the world...

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