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Tori Rowe Testimonial

Tori Rowe welcomed her second child, son Hudson, in July 2019. Tori’s easy pregnancy was followed by an uncomplicated birth, and she and her husband Zech enjoyed quiet bonding time in one of the private mother-baby suites at Washington Regional’s Women and Infants Center.

Although Hudson’s birth could be described as idyllic, Tori knows that having a baby can be an unpredictable journey with challenges beyond a woman’s control. During her first pregnancy, with daughter Grace in 2017, Tori developed gestational hypertension, a condition marked by high blood pressure during pregnancy for a woman who previously had normal-range blood pressure. It poses serious risks, including slow growth and low birth weight for the baby and life-threatening organ damage for the mom. Fortunately, Tori had Dr. Laura Collins and the entire team at HerHealth Clinic and the Women and Infants Center to guide them through the process. “Dr. Collins has a very reassuring manner, and she takes care to remember details about my life, which I appreciate,” Tori says. “With both pregnancies, although they were very different, she always took the time to answer my questions thoroughly. And that goes for everyone at HerHealth Clinic.”

Dr. Collins managed Tori’s gestational hypertension by keeping a careful watch on her blood pressure, monitoring her especially closely for the last several weeks of her first pregnancy. In August 2017, when a routine check at the clinic showed that Tori’s blood pressure had crept dangerously high, she was admitted to the Women and Infants Center to deliver baby Grace. “Dr. Collins had a way of making the delivery room feel relaxed even in those circumstances,” Tori says.

Grace was born at 37 weeks and, with her lungs not fully developed, spent nine days in the Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Women and Infants Center. “It was a relief to know that Grace was in such amazing hands,” Zech says. “From the moment she was delivered and didn’t cry, the nurses in the room worked quickly and skillfully. The NICU doctors and nurses were all knowledgeable, understanding of our situation, and helpful beyond their required duties.”

While Grace was in the NICU, Tori and Zech stayed in the Ronald McDonald House at the Women and Infants Center. “We were so thankful to have a beautiful and comfortable place to sleep, shower and have our meals,” Tori says, “while also staying close to Grace morning and night.”

Although each of her pregnancies has been a unique experience, Tori says it was important in both instances to have a care team that made their family feel cared-for. “Dr. Collins made our family feel like we were the only ones in the hospital each time I delivered. Her expertise was clear in the way she answered questions and smoothly handled my concerns and complications. I couldn’t have asked for better care.”