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Stephanie Whitcomb

When Stephanie Whitcomb began searching for a new women’s health clinic, she wanted to find a place where she would be treated like an individual. After struggling to find an OB-GYN, Stephanie reached out to her best friend, who recommended Washington Regional HerHealth Clinic.

“I was really looking for someone that I connected with, and my best friend recommended HerHealth because she has been a patient for a long time and always had a good experience,” Stephanie says. She decided to follow her friend’s advice and made an appointment. “I ended up seeing Dr. Scott, and I’m really glad I did. She is an amazing doctor and I feel comfortable and confident, and I trust her.”

Stephanie especially appreciated Dr. Scott’s guidance and the personalized care she received when it came to a decision about birth control. “I had gone into the appointment with the idea of switching up my birth control. I’d done a little bit of research, but I had so many questions,” Stephanie says. “Dr. Scott was very patient, and she explained all the different options and the pros and cons. For my specific situation, it was important that it be something that doesn’t interfere with existing medications I’m on. She understood and listened to my concerns, and we both decided on a solution.”

Stephanie also found the team of female physicians sets HerHealth apart from other women’s health clinics in the area. “I immediately felt comfortable because they know exactly what I’m going through.”

For Stephanie, HerHealth means more than just health care. It’s peace of mind. “The most important thing to me with a health provider is that I feel heard and listened to, and that I’m treated as a person and not just a number. I feel that it’s important to have a good relationship with your doctor and to really feel like you trust someone. If I have to go to the doctor, HerHealth Clinic is where I want to go.”

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