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Melissa Nash

Like most new moms, Melissa Nash lights up when she talks about her newborn, George. “I’m kind of obsessed with him,” she says with a laugh. A long-time patient of Washington Regional HerHealth Clinic, Melissa relied on the care and support she received from the HerHealth team and the Women and Infants Center on her journey to becoming a first-time mom.

“I appreciate the care that I got from Dr. Laura Collins, not just throughout my pregnancy but leading up to becoming pregnant,” Melissa says. “As soon as I decided I wanted to start trying with my husband, she was just so excited for me. It was like she was just like a friend, and it wasn't just about the baby. It was about me as well. She prioritized both of us.” Melissa says Dr. Collins and her team were always ready to help answer any questions or address concerns she had during her pregnancy.

Two HerHealth physicians played an integral part in Melissa’s birth story. “Dr. Britte Smith and Dr. Collins were key elements of best day of my life,” she says. “We started labor at like six that morning. And then I started pushing at eight o’clock that night. Throughout the laboring process from early morning into the afternoon and evening, Dr. Collins was checking up on me often just seeing how I was doing,” Melissa recalls. “Dr. Smith came in after Dr. Collins was not on call anymore and hung out in the room with us for a little while she checked up on me. She was just always very conscious of what I needed and helped me feel very calm.”

Dr. Smith was the first person to meet Melissa’s little boy. “I didn't know it was my last push. And I just hear her say, ‘Melissa look down, look down,’ and she pulled him up and immediately put him on top of me. It was just like the best moment ever. My life changed.”

Melissa says while she doesn’t think anything could have fully prepared her for that moment, she knew she wasn’t alone. “I've never felt so many people pour so much attention into me while I was doing the hardest thing I've ever done. It was just such a rewarding experience, and I was so humbled by it. I had not just my husband, but the nurses and Dr. Smith there just making me feel like I could do anything, even though I didn't think I was prepared.”

Giving birth is an experience that is forever etched in a parent’s mind. And for Melissa, it’s a memory she’ll cherish. “It was a really good day. I don’t think I could have imagined it going any better, because at the end of the day I had my awesome son. But I felt really comfortable the entire way through and very supported. If I had a friend ask me about my experience and who I see for my female health, I would recommend Washington Regional, and I definitely recommend HerHealth Clinic. The genuine care I got from the doctors is priceless.”