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Deborah Bradford

When schoolteacher Deborah Bradford moved from Louisiana to Northwest Arkansas following hurricane Katrina, she needed a new women’s health provider. Deborah wanted to make sure she chose a physician she could build a relationship with over time.

“I wanted a caring doctor, someone that would care about me, personally, and somebody who would take the time to answer any questions or any concerns that I might have about my health. I wanted to be able to openly discuss those with my doctor and feel comfortable about doing that,” explains Deborah.

Friends at Deborah’s church recommended Dr. Britte Smith of Washington Regional HerHealth Clinic. Deborah says her first visit to the clinic made a positive impression. “The people behind the desk, the nurses, everybody was just so cordial and welcoming. They made you feel like you were important.”

When she met Dr. Smith, Deborah knew she’d found the type of physician she’d been searching for. “Dr. Smith is a very loving person that you can easily relate to when you first meet her. She is very compassionate, and you can sense the love she has for what she does and the love that she has for her patients. She really goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable in whatever capacity that you need.”

Deborah has now been a HerHealth patient for 15 years and doesn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Smith and HerHealth Clinic to others – including her own granddaughter. “I told her, ‘You will absolutely love Dr. Smith. This is your first baby, and you want to be with somebody who's going to care about your care.’ She met Dr. Smith and loves her just as much as I do. I'm just so honored that she has been my doctor for all these years, and she delivered my first great grandchild. I think that’s amazing.”

For Deborah, her relationship with Dr. Smith goes beyond physician and patient. “We hug every single time I come for an appointment, and we hug every time I get ready to leave. And we always take a picture every year. She’s is not just my doctor. She's my friend.”