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For Our Patients

If your hospital stay or procedure is planned and scheduled in advance, we encourage you to take advantage of pre-registration. This will speed and simplify your admission. For information on pre-registration, HerHealth patients may call 479-463-1196 and Parkhill patients may call 479-463-1192.

We practice mother baby care at Washington Regional Medical Center. This means that the same nurse will care for you and your baby. At Washington Regional we believe that breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby. A lactation consultant, breastfeeding educator, is available seven days a week to help you and your breastfeeding. While most babies arrive healthy and happy, Washington Regional Medical Center is prepared to care for infants who are sick or premature. Washington Regional Medical Center offers a level III nursery with two neonatologists and knowledgeable nurses to help you and your baby.

Birth Certificate information is given by our Medical Records staff. They will come to your room to review this information. You can also apply for your baby’s Social Security number at this time.

Visitation: For safety and security, the women’s unit is a locked unit. All visitors upon entering the secured unit are required to sign in and complete a screening form which helps prevent the spread of infections.

Special Safety & Security precautions are taken to protect you and your baby. Your nurse will explain our safety and security precautions to you because you are an important member of our safety and security team! Mother/Baby staff have special ID badges as part of our infant security program. DO NOT GIVE YOUR BABY TO ANYONE WITHOUT CHECKING FOR THE SPECIAL ID BADGE. IF YOU ARE UNSURE, VERIFY A PERSON’S ID BADGE WITH A STAFF MEMBER WHOM YOU KNOW!

Meal Preference

Johnelle Hunt Center for Women offers the Express Menu which allows the patient to order from a preselect menu. The nurse will provide you with a menu and discuss how to order your meals.

Patient Guide

Click here to view and download the complete Washington Regional Patient Guide.

PostPartum Care

When to Call the Doctor

Mom – Call your OB/GYN doctor if you have any of these signs of problems: 

  • Excessive bleeding – soaking a pad as often as one an hour 
  • A fever over 100˚F
  • Severe pain not relieved with your pain pills
  • Shortness of breath, chest pain, leg pain or swelling
  • Fever, redness, warmth or excessive drainage from the incision or if the incision opens  

Baby – Call the Pediatrician if your baby has any of these signs of problems:

  • A rectal temperature of 100.4˚F or higher in a child less than 2 months old
  • Refusal of feedings or repeated vomiting (not simply spitting up)
  • Excessive crying without obvious cause
  • Listlessness, excessive sleepiness
  • Frequent fluid bowel movements with mucous, blood, or foul odor
  • Any unusual rash
  • Fewer wet diapers than normal 

Important Phone Numbers
HerHealth: 479-463-5500
Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinics: 479.422.7322
Breastfeeding Help-Line: 479.463.1619
Emergency: 911
Poison Control: 1.800.222.1222 (national)
Fire Department: 911
Police Department: 911