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Employee Spotlight

At Washington Regional, our most valuable asset is our employees.  From our care team to support staff, we employ the best and brightest people in Northwest Arkansas. We would love for you to become part of our team.

August 2019 Employee of the Month

Crystal Boix, OR Attendant in Women & Infant Surgical Services Department, has worked for Washington Regional since 2017.

Here is some of what was submitted about Crystal:

"This individual is selfless, always putting the needs of the department over her own. I have never heard her complain or even say one negative thing about our department or this organization. She goes above and beyond the expected job duties that are assigned to her. Even on the busiest days, she will lend a helping hand to the techs so they can get their break or get the room ready for the next case. Assisting the techs quickly helps to expedite the turnover of instruments.

One of the things that I admire most about her is her dedication to the mission, vision and values of Washington Regional. Often in her down time, she has gone to the main OR and helped with attendant duties and responsibilities without even being asked. She has the upmost respect of all the staff in Women’s Surgical Services, OR, Pre-op and PACU. When asked to name a specific event, it’s difficult to narrow it down to explain how amazing of a person she is and how hard she works. She does her job with a desire to do it well. Everything she does, and the manner in which she does so, makes her more than deserving of this award."