Fayetteville Family Clinic Education and Resources

Fayetteville Family Clinic is committed to providing high quality care and wellness education to our patients. Please use this page to explore educational resources.

  • Taesha Winford, APRN, Fayetteville Family Clinic

    Simple Ways to Improve Your Health

    Most people say they want to get healthier but creating healthy habits can be difficult. Taesha Winford, an APRN at Washington Regional’s Fayetteville Family Clinic, says there are a few simple things that almost everyone can do each day to improve overall health. They include eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise, making sure you’re getting enough water and getting quality sleep each night....

  • Steven Spencer, MD, Fayetteville Family Clinic primary care provider

    The Importance of a Primary Care Provider

    Walk-in and urgent care centers provide convenient medical care when you need it. But there are many benefits that come with having a primary care provider – a physician or provider you see for wellness visits, checkups and when you’re sick....

  • Dr. Tyler Brockman Talks About Allergies and Asthma

    Allergies and Asthma - When It's Time to See Your Doctor

    For many people, the arrival of spring also signals the start of allergy season. “Allergies are very common here in Northwest Arkansas, especially during the spring and fall,” says Dr. Tyler Brockman of Washington Regional Fayetteville Family Clinic. “Part of the reason may be that we’re in the Ozark Mountains, so there are lots of trees and pollen, which can worsen allergies. We also have all four seasons here, so the weather can change rapidly and that can worsen symptoms.”...