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Total Joint Center Care Team

Your Surgeon/Physician

Your surgeon will visit you daily, starting the day after your surgery. You may also see a hospitalist during your stay at the Total Joint Center. This physician will handle everything about your health that is not directly associated with your surgery (i.e., diabetes, hypertension, home medications, etc.). Each room in the Total Joint Center has a message board; we encourage you to use this board for questions you may have for your doctors. Ask your champion or your nurse to help you write down these questions.

Physician Assistant (PA)

This is the health care professional that assists your surgeon with office visits, surgical procedures and hospital rounds.

Nursing Team

During your stay at the Total Joint Center, you will receive care from specially trained registered nurses, nurse technicians and nursing assistants. The nursing team will watch for any changes in your condition and will coordinate your care during your stay on the unit. Your nurses act as a liaison between you and your physician.

Physical Therapist (PT)

Washington Regional provides dedicated physical therapists that will be working with you, beginning the day of your surgery. These highly trained professionals will assist you in regaining strength and motion in your new joint. They will teach you a home exercise program prior to your discharge and will offer instructions to family members or caregivers who will be assisting you after your discharge.

Occupational Therapist (OT)

Your occupational therapist will focus on your ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, cooking, reaching for items, etc. They provide individualized teaching plans to make these activities simpler for you. They will recommend the appropriate equipment for performing your self-care activities, and will offer instructions to family members or caregivers who will be assisting you after your discharge. Not all total joint replacement patients will be meeting with an occupational therapist.

Pre-Admission Surgical Screening Nurse (PASS)

Approximately two weeks prior to surgery, during Joint Camp, a preadmission surgical screening (PASS) nurse will perform your preoperative nursing assessment and pre-admission testing. Test results can be sent to your medical doctor. If your physical exam shows that you have any risk factors, your physician may choose additional testing. You will only be contacted with abnormal results. If you are under the care of a specialist, i.e., a cardiologist, further testing may be required.

Discharge Planner/Case Manager

A case manager will assist with your plan of care after discharge from the hospital. The case manager will help you in arranging for home health services as ordered by your physician, and will work with your insurance company or workers’ compensation insurance to obtain authorization for services and equipment ordered by your physician.