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Joint Camp

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have moved our Joint Camp to a virtual format. Please view the Joint Camp video below at your earliest convenience, and before your joint replacement procedure. If you have any questions, please email or call the Total Joint Center during normal business hours. 

      Unit Manager:     479.463.6975
      Program Coordinator:     479.463.4427

The Total Joint Center's comprehensive program includes an educational component called Joint Camp. Studies have shown that the more knowledgeable total joint replacement patients are about their upcoming surgery, the more successful their rehabilitation process will be.

Your Joint Camp appointment will be scheduled a few weeks before your surgery. Joint Camps are normally scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday, and they are held at Washington Regional Medical Center (WRMC). They last about an hour and a half.

The Total Joint Center is located on the fourth floor of the Women and Infant Tower of the medical center. From the main lobby of WRMC, go right, pass the Gift Shop and follow the signs to the Total Joint Center. Please let us know if we need to meet you in the lobby with a wheelchair.

  • Prior to the Joint Camp course in the afternoon, everyone will have a Preadmission Surgical Screening (PASS) appointment in the morning with a Registered Nurse:
    • During your PASS appointment, you will have:
      • Blood drawn for laboratory analysis
      • Urine test for a urinalysis
      • A nasal swab to check for the presence of a bacteria which some people carry in their noses or on their skin
      • Possibly, an electrocardiogram (EKG) and/or a chest x-ray
      • Also, please bring your insurance card, prescription card, all medications you take to PASS

These steps will not only save you an extra visit to the hospital, but they will provide information for your surgeon, anesthesiologist and nurses about your physical health prior to surgery.

Joint Camp also provides a class that will tell you more about your surgery, your anesthesia, your physical therapy, what to expect during your hospitalization and things you can do to be prepared for your upcoming joint replacement.

  • While attending Joint Camp, please plan to meet with a discharge planner/case manager to discuss plans for after discharge from the Total Joint Center

Please bring a family member or friend with you to Joint Camp. This person will be your “Champion” to help you through your surgical and recovery process.

Also, please bring your insurance card, prescription card, all medications you take to Joint Camp.