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Last Updated: 5/10/2023

Grievance Process

All of us at Pace of the Ozarks share responsibility for your care and your satisfaction with the services you receive. We understand that sometimes there are areas of dissatisfaction that require our attention and response. If you are dissatisfied, we encourage you to express any grievances so that we may improve. Our grievance process is designed to enable you or your caregiver the ability to express any concern or dissatisfaction you have so that we can address it in a timely and efficient manner. If you do not speak English, a staff member or volunteer who speaks your language will facilitate the grievance process.

A grievance is defined as a written or oral expression of dissatisfaction with services or the quality of care furnished by Pace of the Ozarks. The right to file a grievance is one your Participant Rights. We encourage you to share your grievances.

Information on grievances including how to file a grievance is provided to all participants during the intake process. Once enrolled the social worker will review the grievance procedure each year with you so that you understand this process.

You and/or your caregiver may request written information on the grievance process at any time. Grievance information and forms are also available in the day center for your convenience. A staff member may assist you in completing the form if needed. The staff member who receives your grievance will document your grievance on the form. The form will be forwarded to the Quality Assurance Coordinator to investigate and report the grievance at the appropriate interdisciplinary team meeting so that we may resolve your grievance. You may discuss your concerns verbally or in writing to the social worker, Center Manager or the Executive Director. During the grievance process, PACE of the Ozarks will continue to serve our Participant with services.

The Center Manager and/or Quality Assurance Coordinator will provide a written acknowledgement of the grievance and response as to the status of the grievance to you within five (5) working days of receiving the grievance.

If a solution is found by PACE of the Ozarks and agreed upon by you or your caregiver within thirty (30) days, the grievance will be considered resolved. A written report describing the grievance, actions taken to resolve the grievance and the resolution of the grievance will be provided to you and/or your caregiver.

If the grievance is not resolved, you may take your grievance to the Executive Director for any unsatisfactory grievance resolution. This must be done within thirty (30) calendar days from the date it was received by the PACE of the Ozarks Executive Director. Following the resolution of the grievance, a copy of the report describing the issues, the resolution of the problem, the basis for the resolution and the review process will be sent to the participant, and/or caregiver.

You will not be discriminated against because a grievance has been filed. PACE of the Ozarks will continue to provide you with all the required services during the either the grievance or process. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout the process and information pertaining to your grievance will only be released to authorized individuals.

If a resolution to the grievance has not been made within 30 days and/or you wish to have the final decision reviewed by the State, you may do so at:

Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS)
Division of Provider Services and Quality Assurance
700 Main Street Slot S-427
Little Rock, AR 72203-1437

Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS)
Division of Aging, Adult, and Behavioral Services
P.O. Box 1437 – Slot W241
Little Rock, AR 72203-1437

TTY-711 or 1-800-285-1121