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Stroke Treatment Options

J.B. Hunt Transport Services Neuroscience Institute proudly offers world-class stroke treatment options close to home. In fact, we are the only hospital in the region to provide minimally invasive endovascular intervention to quickly diagnose and treat stroke.

Ischemic Stroke – stroke caused by a blood clot blocking a blood vessel in the brain.

  • Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) – Injection of medication “clot buster” into the veins to break up the blood clot.
  • Thrombectomy – endovascular surgical intervention to remove blood clot from the vessel

Hemorrhagic Stroke – stroke caused by an aneurysm burst or weak and leaking blood vessel. 

  • Surgical clipping – surgical procedure to place a clip at the base of an aneurysm to stop bleeding
  • Coiling – endovascular surgical intervention to place coils into the aneurysm to close it 
  • AVM embolization – endovascular surgical intervention to inject a liquid material into the abnormal blood vessels to close them

Partnering to Save Stroke Victims in Arkansas

Washington Regional provides 24/7 in-person stroke care in Northwest Arkansas and proudly participates in the IDHI Stroke Program, formerly AR SAVES (Stroke Assistance Through Virtual Emergency Support). Our experts provide consults to other Arkansas hospitals via telemedicine for the ISHI Stroke Program, helping those providers quickly and accurately evaluate stroke patients, administer appropriate lifesaving medication and facilitate transfer to our facility when needed.