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Sr. Health Clinic Patient Surveys

Learning about patient experiences is an important part of improving patient care. The Senior Health Clinic has been handing out questionnaires over the past few years to learn more about patient experiences in our clinic.

The Senior Health Clinic team wants to talk with patients about chronic or ongoing health conditions, acute or immediate health issues, and also how to remain healthy and to prevent future problems. Plus, the team wants to make sure that patients understand all of the information that is being shared.

The most recent questionnaire had 10 items that addressed health literacy – the communication between the healthcare team and the patient that allows the patient to understand their health conditions and instructions for taking care of themselves. The survey also addressed self-management support, which is a person’s ability to take care of their health needs with specific tools or training from the healthcare team.

Survey results showed:

  • The team is effective in talking with patients about their health concerns and questions.
  • Instructions are given to patients in a way that patients understand.
  • The team is effective in talking with patients about how to know if a problem has gotten worse or if they need to talk with the doctor again, how illnesses can be prevented, how a person can stay healthy with appropriate eating and exercise habits, and what makes it hard for patients to take care of their health.
  • The team talks with patients about their health goals somewhat.

The survey also showed that patients could be asked about their health goals more often. So please, at your next appointment, share your goals with the provider if you are not asked about your goals. You, as patients, are a part of the team, and we want to work together to keep you as healthy as possible.

Again, thank you for your assistance in answering these survey questions. We always welcome additional feedback that can help us address patient concerns and improve your healthcare.