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Employee Spotlight

At Washington Regional, our most valuable asset is our employees.  From our care team to support staff, we employ the best and brightest people in Northwest Arkansas.  We would love for you to become part of our team.

February 2019 Employee of the Month

Misty Johnson, Lead Breast Health Navigator in the Cancer Support Home, has worked for Washington Regional since 2014.

Here is some of what was submitted about Misty:

“Early in 2018 our manager sent us an email inspiring us to strive for excellence in all that we do this year. That email has been pinned to Misty Johnson’s desk every day since, and she is continually achieving and exceeding that goal. She is in a unique position at the Cancer Support Home where she uses her knowledge and education in addition to her compassion and heart for people every single day. Her job is not easy as she supports women and their families through the difficult journey of breast cancer. She puts her heart and all her efforts into serving her clients and caring for them as well. She sits at chemotherapy sessions so her clients are always supported and encouraged, she waits with nervous husbands during early morning mastectomy surgeries, and she answers constant text messages and phone calls from clients who are terrified by a recent diagnosis or confusing test results. She goes above and beyond her job description every day – just so that no one in her care EVER has to fight breast cancer alone.

Her dedication to her clients is evident when I open the door to greet a client at the CSH and am immediately asked, “Is Misty here? She’s my navigator. Isn’t she the greatest?!”, to which my answer is always, “yes!”, because that statement is so true. For example, one day over the summer, while Misty was experiencing a busy season of life while mounting family and professional obligations, she took the time to sit down with one of her clients in our library to talk her through her diagnosis, financial assistance options, and answered all questions the client had with patience and compassion. She even got on the phone with the client’s insurance company to help them understand what was happening. She respected this client so much that she put her own obligations aside to make sure her client was served immediately and served well. Earlier in the spring I watched her experience real emotion and grief after one of her clients lost their battle with breast cancer. Misty immediately researched to see the funeral arrangements, reached out to the client’s husband, and wrote the family a sympathy card expressing her sincere condolences. Misty’s clients have a place in her heart that goes far beyond an 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. work day. 

We always say our navigators become a “knowledgeable friend” to their clients. It has been a joy and an inspiration watching Misty flourish in her element. She not only becomes a friend to her clients, but more like trusted family. She elevated our Breast Health Navigation program to new levels in her almost 5 years at WRMC. She has gained respect for our program in the community and with several of our partners and oncology physicians in Northwest Arkansas. She emulates the WRMC goal of consistently being “here for you”. Misty has become a “knowledgeable friend” to many more than just her clients and she deserves to be honored for her heart in our mission, and her endless dedication to all those fighting the toughest battles.”