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Employee Spotlight

At Washington Regional, our most valuable asset is our employees.  From our care team to support staff, we employ the best and brightest people in Northwest Arkansas.  We would love for you to become part of our team.


What is your role at Washington Regional?
RN - Interverntional Radiology

How long have you been at Washington Regional? 
20 years

What do you like best about your job?
The variety of patients and procedures that I encounter each day.

Why did you choose Washington Regional as an employer? 
Because WRMC is, without a doubt, the absolute best place to give and receive care in Northwest Arkasas.

Describe your family.
I've been married to my husband, Jeff, for 20 years. We have three children: Sydney (16), Courtney (14) and Grant (12).

What are your hobbies?
Hiking, reading and knitting.

What is something that people would be surprised to learn about you?
Before I became a nurse, I worked as a news reporter and high school English teacher.

What do you like best about Northwest Arkansas?
The natural beauty and diversity of nationalities present here.

What customer service skills help you manage your job duties?
Patience and clear communication skills--we frequently have patients come to us with very little idea why there are here. The ability to explain not only what procedure they are having done as well as why they are having it is a very important role of the radiology nurse.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
We have quite a few patients in IR who see us for multiple procedures over a period of weeks (or somethimes months). When we see a patient who was very ill at the beginning of their journey make a full recovery, it is enormously gratifying. Our patients become like family to us, and when they make progress in their healing process we celebrate with them.