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Washington Regional’s Message of Solidarity in Opposition to Racism and Violent Misconduct

The COVID-19 pandemic was rightly pushed aside this week as citizens across the nation took to the streets to protest the persistent racism and inequities that continue to be visited upon the African-American community and plague our nation.  Abhorrent racism and violent misconduct by those sworn to serve and protect all in society is unacceptable and must in this moment forever come to an end.  Washington Regional joins all in our community who peacefully demand justice and equality for every citizen of our nation, and we reject systems and practices that obstruct the realization of those basic human values.  We want to be clear that Washington Regional is committed to equality and fair treatment for all, be they our employees, patients or any other community member.  We believe in equal access, equal opportunity, opposition to discrimination in all its forms, and unconditional assistance for all who may suffer.  Nothing less should be expected from a nonprofit, locally owned and governed healthcare system that exists to serve every member of our community.