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Washington Regional to Offer New Service Through COVID-19 Hotline

On Monday, May 10, Washington Regional will begin answering questions about the COVID-19 vaccine through its COVID-19 Hotline.

“Washington Regional understands many people are waiting to get the vaccine because they have concerns or questions. We also know there is a considerable amount of misleading and inaccurate information circulating about the vaccine, which makes it even more difficult for individuals to make a decision,” said Dr. Mark Thomas, vice president of population health at Washington Regional. “Additionally, many people don’t have a primary care provider or haven’t been able to discuss their concerns and questions with their provider. We are pleased to offer this new resource for those individuals and provide them with accurate information from medical experts so they can make an informed decision.”

Common concerns and questions about the vaccine are related to side effects, safety, how the vaccines work, and whether it is okay to get the vaccine in specific circumstances. “Regardless of your question or concern, Washington Regional urges those who have not been vaccinated to speak either with your primary care provider or call our COVID-19 Hotline to talk to one of our medical experts. The health care community is here to help you make an educated, informed decision,” Thomas said.

Those who have vaccine questions can call the Washington Regional COVID-19 Hotline at 479.463.2055, Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. to speak with a medical professional. The hotline, which launched in March 2020, will also continue to offer general information about COVID-19, including providing screenings, testing information and navigation services to individuals with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19.