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Mobility Program

About Us

The Mobility Program provides a unique opportunity targeting individuals in the community with permanent physical disabilities. This program looks to help bridge the gap of inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation and continuing daily physical activity. It is designed to meet the specific needs of each individual to help improve and maintain the ability to function independently. 

Mobility Program Brochure 2014

What Do We Do?

The program focuses on improving the overall physical health and functional ability of the individual by increasing and improving range of motion, strength, cardiovascular function, balance and stability, in turn, preventing future ailments that may occur. The services we provide include:

  • Individual personal training
  • Group Exercise classes
  • In-Home training sessions
  • Staff/Caregiver training sessions 

Each personalized workout routine is tailored to the specific needs and goals of the individual and may take place in the both the facility’s pool and/or gym. Group exercise classes are also held in both the pool and gym.

Who Can Join?

This program is open to anyone living with a permanent disability who needs support such as wheelchairs or other assistive devices to move from one place to another. We currently help, but are not limited to, individuals with:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • ALS
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Visual Impairment
  • Stroke
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s

Testimonies from Mobility Program Participants

Burke's Testimony
     Burke became a member of the Center for Exercise in April of 2008 and began participating in the Mobility Program in 2011. When Burke began his work in the Mobility Program, daily living support staff noted that Burke was only able to use his hands to hold himself up during his daily hygiene routine. Last year, Burke’s staff reported that he could now actually hold some of his body weight with his legs, and this year Burke has continued to show even greater progress in this area in being able to take a few assisted steps on the way to perform the routine.
     Burke exercises both in the gym and the pool at the Center for Exercise once per week. His exercise routines are guided by Mobility Program staff and focus on improving strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and range of motion.    Through these sessions, Burke has not only accomplished all that is outlined above, but has been able to trade in his ankle and wrist weights and has begun using a wide variety of exercise equipment (machines, free weights, resistance bands, cable weights, etc.). In addition, Burke has increased the number of walking laps in the pool from 2-3 when he began, to 9-10 currently. The combination of the listed improvements have enabled Burke to improve his control over his body, reduced the amount of pain he has, and increased his independence. All of which have culminated in improvements in his quality of life. Progress like Burke’s shows the importance of his continued work in the Mobility Program

Derek's Testimony
     Derek has been involved with the Mobility Program at the Center for Exercise for a little over a year. Derek started participating in the program to replace some of the physical and occupational therapy that he was no longer able to attend. His program is designed so that the exercises utilized at the Center compliment the exercises utilized in Derek’s physical and occupational therapy sessions. Thus far, Derek has seen improvements in his overall strength and endurance.
     Prior to his accident, Derek was athletic and liked to be outdoors, so physical activity was important to him. Derek’s continued work with physical and occupational therapy move him closer to his rehabilitation goals, while his work in the Mobility Program provides him a wider array of exercises to choose from to improve his overall fitness and functional independence.

P.H.'s Testimony
     I am a daily caregiver for an individual that had a medical issue a few years ago that effected the entire right side. Frequently there were complaints about pain in the lower back and right leg. Because of these issues their physical abilities were decreasing and they were starting to fall regularly when walking. All of the insurance paid physical therapy was used and we were not sure what to do to help.
     We set up a meeting with Robert Rose at the Center for Exercise to see if the Mobility Program would be a fit for this person. The Mobility staff are very knowledgeable and dedicated to helping people with disabilities. They put a program together that was safe and achievable. It has been a little over a year now, and it is obvious to people that have known this person all along that there has been a great improvement in both strength and overall health. I personally drive this person to the sessions twice a week and have seen the progress made myself.
     We feel very fortunate that the Mobility Program exists and was able to work with us! Sincerely, P.H


To help cover the expense of the program, we currently get funding from:

  • Medicaid Waiver
  • Donations
  • Mobility Private Pay
  • Grants

Members who qualify for Medicaid Waiver are able to apply to have their sessions paid for. We also use donations received from the Mobility Program Fund to assist individuals unable to use waiver or cover the costs themselves. We hope to also obtain future funding through grants to help assist with the expense as well.

How Can I Help?

Because this program falls under health prevention, it is not billable for insurance. Members are unable to receive services because they simply cannot afford them. Because of this, we have created a Mobility Program Fund in which all donations help to assist with cost of exercise sessions as well as assistive equipment used for the population. Your donation is 100% tax deductible and makes it possible for community members with disabilities to develop independence, confidence and fitness through physical activity. 

Click here to make a donation online

  (In the "Please Apply My/Our Gift/Pledge to" field, choose "Other"
and then specify "Mobility Program" in the space indicated.)