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Joanne Fuller Testimonial

When Fayetteville native Joanne Fuller moved back to Northwest Arkansas, she needed to find a new women’s health clinic. “I asked my friends where they were going and consistently HerHealth Clinic always came up,” Joanne remembers. “They talked about what great care they were getting and how much they love their doctors and just what a great experience that was.” For Joanne, finding a clinic where she felt seen and heard was also at the top of her list. “Most important to me was a place that really wanted to make sure that patient care and the patient experience were the best it could be, and in every interaction that I've had, from medical assistants to nurses and the front office, everyone is just so kind and so helpful that I knew that it was the right place for me to get my care.”

When Joanne and her husband decided to start their family, Joanne was also glad that HerHealth Clinic is part of Washington Regional’s Women and Infants Center. “Washington Regional is the most sought-after hospital in our area, so for me it was a no-brainer that I had to deliver at Washington Regional.” Both of Joanne’s babies, Miles and little brother Theo, were born at Washington Regional Medical Center, but she says their births were completely different.

“One I was just having a regular checkup and we noticed that my blood pressure was a little bit high, so they sent me up to triage and baby was going to be here probably in the next couple days. My second one, however, we came to the hospital for triage and we thought that it was just a fluke, and that baby would be here in a few weeks. I came back a few hours later and we had the baby pretty much right away.” Dr. Erin Large delivered baby Theo at 35 weeks. Theo needed extra care and spent the next 14 days in Washington Regional’s neonatal intensive care unit, or NICU, which provides the highest level of newborn care in the region.

Joanne says she is grateful to Dr. Large and the entire NICU team for the care she and baby Theo received. “Dr. Large is truly one – I wouldn't even say one in a million – she’s one in a billion. She is not only an amazing doctor but she's really one of the greatest people I've ever met.” Theo’s birth is an experience Joanne says has forever changed her. “The experience could not have been better because of the people that I was surrounded with. The NICU nurses are truly angels walking on earth here in Fayetteville, they're amazing and some of the greatest souls I've ever met. I’m forever grateful for the care that they provided to our little one.”