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IV Infusion

The Outpatient IV Infusion clinic, where patients receive therapy for both long term and short term intravenous treatment needs, is located inside Washington Regional Medical Center.  Staffed with highly trained nurses who work in collaboration with your physician, this team is able to ensure every aspect of your treatment needs are met. 

Intravenous or IV infusion therapy may be needed for patients requiring:

  • Hydration or fluid therapy 
  • Blood or blood product transfusions 
  • Antibiotic therapy both IV and intramuscular injection
  • Therapeutic Phlebotomy 
  • Other medication upon request

Our treatment center was designed with patient comfort in mind.  The spacious open center has 12 individual patient areas which a centrally located nurses station.  Overstuffed recliners with individual TV’s offer patients the chance for a nap or a little entertainment while they receive their treatment.  Open to allow for interaction, privacy is available with the pull of a curtain. A variety of snacks and beverages are available to help pass the time.  Family members or care providers can stay with the patient during treatment either at the chair side or in our comfortable waiting room.


Patients are referred by their physician or primary care provider.  Scheduling of appointments are made through the Central Scheduling Department at Washington Regional Monday through Friday 7:30-5:00pm at (479) 463-5555.