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Human Milk Depot

Northwest Arkansas’ first human milk depot is located in Washington Regional’s Women and Infants Center. Nursing women who are pre-approved by Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank can donate their extra breast milk at Washington Regional, where the milk will be stored until it is picked up by the milk bank. The Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank will then test, pasteurize and store the milk before dispensing to an ordering hospital or patient with physician’s prescription.

Want to become a donor?

A woman must be pre-approved by the Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank before dropping off breast milk at Washington Regional’s depot site. The approval process includes a review of medical records, blood work and testing for microorganisms. Donors must meet guidelines established by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America. For more information about the Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank or to talk to someone about becoming a donor, call 405.297.5683 or go to www.okmilkbank.org.  

Approved donors

If you have already been approved by the Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank and would like to drop off breast milk at Washington Regional’s milk depot location, please call 479.463.6485 when you're on your way. Drop off will be at the circle drive between the parking deck and the Women and Infants Center on the Washington Regional campus. Call again when you've arrived, and someone will come down to greet you curbside. Your donor number will need to be on the donation bag(s). Drop off is 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. For map and directions, please click here.