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Diabetes Education

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Diabetes Management

The Outpatient Diabetes Self-Management Education Program at Washington Regional is designed for people of all ages with Type 1, Type 2, Gestational Diabetes, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome or reactive hypoglycemia and is recognized by the American Diabetes Association.  The program provides individuals the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge needed for long-term management of the disease and thereby avoiding or delaying complications. 

Outpatient Diabetes Self-Management Education Program

The program includes:

  • Pre-class assessment by the diabetes educator.
  • Individualized learning objectives for each patient.
  • Behavior goals that are set by the patient and diabetes educators.
  • Initial 10-hour program for newly diagnosed patients and those who have never before received diabetes education.
  • Annual 2-hour education update class for patients who meet Medicare criteria.
  • Follow-up services including a 1 month follow up appointment with a diabetes educator to assess objectives and goals and provide re education if needed.  Phone communication is available indefinitely.
  • Support group meetings.
  • Interactive classes in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere either individualized or in a group setting.

The Diabetes Support Group meets the first Thursday of every other month April through October from noon – 1:00 p.m. These meetings provide informative education on a variety of topics that affect patients with diabetes. Members of the support group are also excellent sources of information on managing your disease. The support group meets at the Pat Walker Center for Seniors, 12 E. Appleby Road in Fayetteville.

The Program Staff

Primary instructors for the program are certified diabetes educators who are registered nurses or registered dietitians.  These professionals work closely with your physician and your educational experience in our program is included in your medical record.  You, your family members, and/or caregivers complete this important team. 

Class Content

Based on your needs, the program will provide instruction on the following topics:

  • Diabetes overview
  • Meal planning
  • Exercise and diabetes
  • Medications
  • Monitoring and use of results
  • Sick Days
  • Preventive health measures
  • Long range concerns
  • Travel
  • Planning for natural disasters


Research has proven that a comprehensive program in Diabetes Education and Self-Management helps patients tremendously.  Patients who complete a program like the one at Washington Regional may anticipate fewer complications caused by their diabetes, less money spent on their own healthcare and the confidence that they can manage to live a full and active life in spite of their disease.

Please Note: 

  • A referral by a physician, PA or nurse practitioner is required for participation in the program. 
  • Medicare and most insurance carriers pay for diabetes education at the same rate that they would pay for any service.

For More Information

Diabetes Education
3 E. Appleby Road
Fayetteville, AR 72703
Phone: (479) 404-1163
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