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Support Groups

A variety of support sessions are provided by the Cancer Support Home to meet the needs of cancer survivors (both during and post treatment), family members and caregivers.  These sessions provide a safe, comfortable place to share fears, concerns and ask questions of others who have already been through the rigors of cancer treatment.

Groups meet at different locations and times, with each group having a unique focus. These sessions are designed to provide a variety of outlets through facilitated group conversation or other creative class instruction.

Coping and Conversation 
An on-going support group designed to help patients, their family members and friends better understand what it means to live with cancer. Meets every Wednesday at Noon at the Cancer Support Home in Fayetteville.

Survivor Circle 
Support for women who are surviving breast cancer. Group meets quarterly. Call (479) 521-8024 or email for more info about meeting time and location.

Dedicated to meeting the emotional, physical, and humanistic needs of oral, head, and neck cancer patients and their caregivers. This groups meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 10-Noon at the Fayetteville Cancer Support Home. Contact group facilitator Jack Igleburger at 479-876-1051 to learn more.

This Point Forward 
This Point Forward offers free supportive counseling for cancer patients and family members. Counseling services are performed by a licensed mental health professional. Free sessions are available on every other Tuesdays at the Cancer Support Home in Fayetteville. 

For more information call (479) 404-2162 or email