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Cancer Conferences

Every week physicians of all specialties gather at Washington Regional Medical Center to attend breast cancer conferences and tumor board.  Participants include surgeons, medical oncologists, pathologists, radiologists,  radiation oncologists, obstetricians, gynecological oncologists, urologists, internists and primary care physicians.  Cancer conferences provide an opportunity for the physicians to discuss treatment options on a case-by-case basis.

The discussions at the conference encourage this variety of talented physicians to discuss each individual patient, their current treatment and progress, and whether/how a patient's future treatment should be altered.  The breast cancer conference was established with the goal of detecting and treating breast cancer at the earliest stage through education and discussion.  Each case is a prospective presentation of a newly diagnosed breast cancer, a case with an abnormal mammogram, or a patient with a difficult clinical management.  Conference discussions focus on newly diagnosed patients and patients that may be years into their struggle against this complex disease. 

The conferences are a vital mechanism to ensuring up-to-date multidisciplinary treatment, which is integral to the patient management and outcome.  Multidisciplinary, patient-oriented treatment planning can improve the care of patients with cancer because the physicians are working as a team.  Physicians involved in the treatment of cancer patients benefit from the interactive discussion and the expertise provided by the specialists that attend the conferences.

Cancer conferences at Washington Regional are always well attended.  One day a week our dedicated physicians start their day a little earlier in order to attend cancer conferences and discuss the best course of treatment. The cancer conferences are just one of the reasons behind the high quality of cancer care at Washington Regional.