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Billing System Information

  • Washington Regional's billing system consolidates most hospital, clinic, and department bills on a single statement.
  • You will receive separate statements for:
    • anesthesia services
    • some laboratory services
    • care from non-Washington Regional
      providers (Example: MANA physicians)
    • care from providers at:
      Washington Regional Hospice
      Washington Regional Home Health
      Washington Regional Urgent Care locations
  • Our billing system provides statements that reflect all accounts for which you are the guarantor (financially responsible). Example: if both a parent and a child have services, charges for all services will be on one statement.
  • If you have an upcoming appointment, you may receive a phone call regarding the pre-registration process.
  • You can make payments online at

We appreciate your patience as we transition to the new system. If you have any questions, please call 479.463.6000.