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Recognize the Signs

  1. Has moving your head or getting in and out of bed ever caused you to feel a sense of motion or spinning sensation?                                                  
    Y / N

  2. Have you ever felt a sense of unsteadiness or a fear of falling?                                    
    Y / N

  3. Have you ever had difficulty walking on uneven surfaces such as grass or carpet?                                                                 
    Y / N

  4. Have you ever had blurred vision with head movements or difficulty reading?        
    Y / N

  5. Has walking down the aisle of a supermarket ever bothered you?                        
    Y / N

  6. Have you ever had difficulty walking in the dark?                                                             
    Y / N

  7. Have you ever felt as if no one really understands how frustrating your symptoms are?
    Y / N

If you answered yes to any of these questions, ask your physician if a vestibular and equilibrium evaluation would be right for you.

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