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Message from our Medical Director

Hospice is care that focuses on the total needs of patients and families as they face the end of life. We seek to deliver the best care possible for a person dealing with a life-limiting disease. Our mission does not necessarily focus on prolonging life (although several recent studies show that hospice does seem to prolong life in certain diseases), and we certainly do not aim to shorten life. We believe that people deserve to die free of pain and with other symptoms controlled to the greatest extent possible with modern medicine. We believe that people deserve to go through this process with the preservation of their human dignity.

We believe this care is best delivered by a team. Our outstanding team of nurses, aides, social workers, chaplains, volunteers and others deliver this care with excellence in mind. Our team is able to deliver this service at the patient’s home, in the hospital, in a nursing home or in our new Willard Walker Hospice Home. 

Our aim for the patient and family, no matter what the setting, is for peace. We want to understand the patient's and family’s values and goals.  We believe that this difficult time can actually be a time of growth and deeper understanding of life for patients and their families.

We welcome your questions about hospice and our service. Call 479-463-7385 or email


Stanley C. Bradley, M.D.
Medical Director
Washington Regional Hospice