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Employee Spotlight

At Washington Regional, our most valuable asset is our employees.  From our care team to support staff, we employ the best and brightest people in Northwest Arkansas.  We would love for you to become part of our team.

June 2019 Employee of the Month

Adrianna “Anna” Gutierrez, Coordinator within the Nursery/NICU unit, has worked for Washington Regional since 2017.

Here is some of what was submitted about Anna:

"I believe this individual is the most deserving employee of this award. She goes above and beyond the requirements of her job and does so with passion and excellence. She keeps our department running smoothly. Not only does she help make sure our supply and work needs are met, but she cares about our emotional needs and those of the patients and families in our department. The amount of times she has stayed late to make sure a job was complete or to support us when things get crazy are too many to count. She cares about the work she does here no matter how thankless or mundane it may be at times.

Also, I teach a CPR class occasionally on Saturdays and this individual coordinates student sign ups and handles the administrative side of things. She goes above and beyond to help set up the props used for this class, which can take an hour easily, and this is not a requirement of her role. She makes it to where all I have to do is show up on Saturday morning and everything is good to go. She never complains and is always kind and helps keep us positive. Our department truly would not be the same without her."