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Meet the Team

Kyle Barlow, Executive Director

Kyle Barlow, MDIV, MA, MHA, is the Executive Director for Health Partners, where he is responsible for all managed-care contracting operations as well as the operations of Health Partners.  After graduating from Ouachita Baptist University, Kyle earned three master’s degrees: in divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, in counseling from John Brown University, and in health administration from Capella University. He previously served as director of contracting for Mercy Arkansas Health Systems.

Kyle enjoys spending time with his wife, Sheena, and his three children, Ashlyn, Alexandra, and Josh.  Other than his love of football and basketball, he enjoys reading, cooking, and travelling.  

What to call Kyle for:

  • Addressing anything related to current managed-care contracts or their performance 
  • Getting assistance for payer issues in which contract terms are not being followed
  • Learning more about joining Health Partners
  • Exploring direct contracts as an employer group

What not to call Kyle for:

  • Getting his advice on boy-bands and their role in music
  • Inviting him to a watch party for the latest reality TV show

Matt Taylor, Managed Care Analyst

Matt Taylor is the Managed Care Analyst for Health Partners. His responsibilities include maintaining network rates, reviewing and modeling contracts, administering the messenger process, advocating and assisting providers’ contract-related needs, and recycling. Prior to joining Health Partners, Matt served as the active partner of an independent pharmacy in Fayetteville. He has an anthropology degree and an MBA from the University of Arkansas.  

Matt lives in Fayetteville and enjoys spending free time outdoors.  He is a runner and avid fisherman.

What to call Matt for: 

  • Obtaining fee schedules or help with them
  • Getting help with contract-related operational concerns
  • Determining plan or network assignments
  • Inquiring about payer issue resolution processes
  • Guilting for your carbon footprint

What not to call Matt for:

  • Spelling
  • Dancing lessons
  • Getting rational or objective opinions related to Razorback athletics

Chris Rader, Credentialing Specialist

Chris Rader, CPCS, is the Credentialing Coordinator for Health Partners, where he handles provider credentialing, in-network issues, and coordinates with Health Partners’ contracted payers in completing audits of the credentialing program. Chris came from a background in finance and lending, and prior to that, was a state-licensed private investigator.

Chris lives in Fayetteville with his wife, Maritza, and their two spoiled cats, Tootie and Fuzzy. He loves to travel, is an avid reader, and is a dedicated automobile enthusiast who has enjoyed more than his fair share of track-days.  Chris is also working on earning his private pilot’s license.

What to call Chris for: 

  • Answering credentialing questions
  • Assisting you if the insurance payer says your provider is non-PAR 
  • Auditing Health Partners’ credentialing files as a payer
  • Helping you with general questions about the application/credentialing process

What not to call Chris for:

  • Flying you somewhere on the cheap
  • Helping you with anything related to plumbing
  • Borrowing his sports car

Trace Henley, Network Relations Specialist

Trace Henley, MSOL, is the Network Relations Specialist for Health Partners, where she handles clinic and provider outreach, special events, and value-added services (such as the health insurance plan). She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Arkansas and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from Columbia Southern University. 

Trace lives in Siloam Springs with her husband, Ben; their two kiddos, Boone and Dani; and the pups, Xena and Buster. She loves all things Paris-related, and enjoys reading, volunteering, and taking pictures of people and butterflies.

What to call Trace for: 
Determining who can answer your questions

  • Enrolling in or ask questions about the health insurance plan, collections service, or IT/security 
  • Obtaining copies of the provider or mental health directory
  • Registering to attend an EDGE Session, Customer Care Training, or other leadership seminar
  • Finding out general information about the PHO

What not to call Trace for:

  • Helping with Algebra
  • Putting together furniture
  • Selecting a cut of beef

Susan Rhodes, Credentialing Specialist

Susan Rhodes, CPMSM, works part time assisting with credentialing and enrollment.  She worked for Washington Regional Medical Center more than 20 years in the Medical Staff Services Department and 10 years at Regency Hospital of Northwest Arkansas.

Susan lives in Fayetteville.  She has two children and two grandchildren, all in the area.  She enjoys her  GRANDCHILDREN, family and friends. Susan is enjoying working a part-time schedule with the great group at Health Partners and having time left to stop and smell the roses.

What to call Susan for:

  • Recredentialing

What not to call Susan for:

  • Helping you move
  • Cooking
  • Planning a social event