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Customer and Value-added Services

Benefits of Membership
Value-added Services

Customer and value-added services encompass a broad spectrum of duties to serve the PHO members. 

One new initiative is site visits. Health Partners started these information, conversational meetings to become more familiar with its clinics, providers, and administrators. We look to learn more about the specialties and procedures offered at each clinic, the administrators with whom we work, and the opportunity to share what’s new at Health Partners.

Part of the customer service role is to invoice and receive dues for all member providers and facilities. Most allied providers are billed quarterly, and MD/DOs are billed annually. The dues structure is set by specialty and whether the member is a provider or facility.

From a value-added services perspective, the PHO currently offers three VASs: HIPG, IT, and collections. The HIPG is an employer-sponsored health insurance that is available to any member clinic. There are options for medical, dental, and vision. IT services is a partnership with Edafio Technologies, a technology organization that specializes in cybersecurity and has a great passion for working with healthcare entities. Finally, the most recent addition to the VAS program is collections. The PHO partners with Access Credit Management, which offers a transparent, dedicated approach to collections. Clinics have a 22 percent arrangement with ACM. The PHO is looking at starting at least three new VASs in the coming year: medical malpractice, cleaning services, and leadership training.

In addition, these services include special events that are available to the members of the PHO and their teams. The PHO currently offer three primary events: EDGE, CCT, and CAMs. The EDGE Sessions are a leadership and communication series offered four times per year that are available to anyone at any level of the organization. Topics vary and cover things like emotional intelligence, drama and gossip in the workplace, and much more. The Custer Care Trainings are a two-session, four-hour training that helps to prepare team members to be the best first-impression specialist they can be. It focuses on understanding how we communicate and handle conflict.  Lastly, there are clinic administrator meetings hosted a few times per year. Each CAM has an agenda comprised of changes in the PHO, carrier representatives, and other training topics. Future events will include other trainings in the upcoming leadership institute that cover everything from advanced leadership skills, coaching, teambuilding, credentialing, and contract management.  

Finally, customer relations includes our marketing and outreach efforts. The majority of the marketing is focusing on materials, such as the provider directory and mental health directory. The mental health directory is distributed as widely as possible to help people identify mental health providers who focus on specifics conditions or areas of interest. Other outreach efforts include informational memos and email blasts, satisfaction and data-gathering surveys, and website.

Contact for customer service:  Trace Henley