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Cardiovascular Clinic Patient Testimonials

Walker Heart Cardiovascular Clinic is here for you! Discover what our patients say about their experience.

  • Flora Fitzsimmons

    Before being treated by cardiologist Zubair Ahmed, MD at Walker Heart Institute Cardiovascular Clinic, Flora Fitzsimmons says she had a "horrible couple of years." Fitzsimmons, who already had a pacemaker helping to regulate her heartrate and rhythm, did not understand why she could barely walk 50 feet and was struggling with chest pains that kept her awake. "One night, I had one of my terrible pains, which I was having a lot at night," she says." I wound up in a helicopter going to Washington Regional."...

  • Rick Smith

    Heart patient and horseshoe champion Rick Smith of Wesley, Arkansas is happy to be back in tournament competition, aiming for ringers with every pitch....

  • Steve Williams

    At age 5 months, Henley Kate doesn’t know about the adventures her grandfather, Steve Williams, has planned for their time together. “If she wants to hunt, I can teach her,” says Steve, who helps organize youth events that promote hunter education and safety. “If she wants to fish or golf, I can give her those lessons, too. I want to be an active grandfather.” Thanks to the fast and thorough response by the Emergency Team at Washington Regional, Steve will get to be that kind of grandfather....