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Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery










Durable Medical Equipment 




Emergency Medicine



  • Kilpatrick, C. Rachel, MD (August 2014)

Family Practice



Gynecologic Oncology

Gynecology & Obestetrics



Hospiceand Palliative Medicine


  • Barry, Charlotte, MD
  • Bolding, Michael A., DO
  • Bowles, Danette, MD
  • Burt, William J, MD
  • Campbell, Bradley, MD
  • Davis, Jonathan L, MD
  • Diamond, Rene, DO
  • Dyer, Jonna, MD
  • Edmondson, Steven, MD
  • Goodspeed, Eric, DO
  • Kinney, Dana, MD
  • Montgomery, Roger C., MD
  • Parham, Gordon, MD
  • Robinson, Mark T., MD
  • Wooden, Suzanne E., MD

Infectious Disease

Internal Medicine

  • Bilyeu, James A., MD
  • Bingham, Jennifer, MD
  • Birch, Scott, MD
  • Clay, David W., MD
  • Hennigan, Stephen, MD
  • Johnson, Allison, MD
  • Johnson, Stephen P., MD
  • Norys, James W., MD
  • Salmon, James S., MD
  • Sharaf, Huda, MD


Mental Health 







  • Armstrong, Larry, DO
  • Barr, John, MD (August 2014)
  • Evans, Brandon, MD
  • Ghiassi, Mahan, MD (August 2014)
  • Ghiassi, Mayshan, MD (August 2014)


Nurse Practitioner




Ophthalmology - Retina Specialist


  • Andersen, Wesley, OD
  • Brandon, Phillip, OD
  • Grammer-Morris, Tamara, OD
  • Grounds, Kelsey, OD
  • Langston, Andy, OD
  • McAlister, J.H., OD
  • Moser, Rebecca, OD
  • Orgain, Russell, OD
  • Owens, Kimberly, OD
  • Robertson, Jill, OD
  • Shaver, Johnathan, OD
  • Van Scyoc, Carol, OD


Otolaryngology (ENT)

Pain Management



Physical Medicine & Rehab

Physcial Therapy 
  • Gunselman, Cynthia, PT
  • Skaar, Janet, PT

Physician Assistant

  • Elliott, Kelly, PA
  • Harper, Candace, PA
  • Hayes, Danielle, PA
  • Jenkins, Larrah, PA
  • Meyer, Ruth, PA
  • Mooneyham, Mandy, PA
  • Nutter, Carolyn, PA
  • Sanderson, Robert, PA
  • Sexton, Benjamin, PA
  • Stephens, Arin, PA-C, MPH
  • Thompson, Andrea, PA


  • Ayson, Angela, DPM
  • Bisbee, Brooke, DPM
  • Brantley, James J, DPM, JD
  • Gebhart, Ellen, DPM
  • Ginn, Charles, DPM
  • Mueller, Phuong, DPM
  • Peck, Michael, DPM
  • Pirotta, Stephen S., DPM
  • Trichell, Lloyd C., DPM


  • Hanger, Inc.

Psychiatry - General

Psychiatry - Child and Adolescent


Radiation Oncology


Registered Dieticians 
  • Clark, Christine, RD
  • Clark, Donita, RD
  • Johnson, Kandy, RN


Surgery - General

Surgery - Colorectal Surgery

Surgery - Surgical Oncology of the Breast


Wound Care

Urgent Care

  • Chet Crawford

  • Adams, Julia, APRN
  • Barnes, Brandi, APRN
  • Bitner, Marlys, APRN
  • Blanchard, Julia, APRN
  • Burns, Courtney, APRN
  • Comstock, Nicole, APRN
  • Draggs, Rita, APRN
  • Hancock, Christie, APRN
  • Hartman, Antoinette, APRN
  • Henderson, Jennifer, APRN
  • Hitt, Mary Knox, APRN
  • Jones, M Shannon, APRN
  • Karnes, Lindsay, APRN
  • Kimbrell, Susan, APRN
  • Kresse, Cynthia, APRN
  • Marshall, Taylor, APRN
  • Manos, Jennifer, APRN
  • Mayo, H Lynn, APRN
  • Murphy, Mike, APRN
  • Pattillo, Misti, APRN
  • Pauls, Rhonda, APRN
  • Robertson, Kellie, APRN
  • Scott, Allison Lynne, APRN
  • Serenson-Unger, Diane, APRN
  • Sheets, Kim, APRN
  • Smith, Kathleen, APRN
  • Stewart, Angela, APRN
  • Teal, Ellen, APRN
  • Terry, Heather, APRN
  • Tevebaugh, Charles, APRN
  • Tidwell, Stacy, APRN
  • Traphagan, Carol, APRN
  • Walsh, Cheryl, APRN
  • Zaharopoulos, Kristin, APRN

  • Back, Richard D., PhD
  • Becker, Chandana, PhD
  • Bullock-Rest, M. Elizabeth, PhD
  • Cavell, Tim, PhD
  • Chambers, Gene, PhD
  • Clemons, Susan, PhD
  • Cordell, L. Carol, LPC
  • Downing, Sarah, PsyD
  • Evans, Leah, APRN
  • Faitak, Martin T., PhD
  • Fitzgibbons, Lisa, PhD
  • Fuendeling, James, PhD
  • Hartfield, Cara, PhD
  • Kling, Kathleen, PhD
  • Krauft, Virginia, PhD
  • Lawson, T. Terry, PhD
  • McCain, Savanna, PhD
  • McCarty, Scott, PhD
  • Milligan, Clark, EdD, LPC
  • Palmer, Shona, PhD
  • Parker, Becky, PhD
  • Rutherford, Margaret, PhD
  • Rye, Carrie, PhD, LPC
  • Shackelford, Susan L., PhD
  • Shields, Chuck, LPC
  • Spaine, William E., PsyD
  • Stevens, Anne Ward, PhD
  • VanKirk, Donna M., EdD
  • West, Vickie L., PhD
  • Wood, Marie, PhD
  • Woods, Frances B., PhD

  • AeroCare Home Medical
  • Medical Arts Home Health

  • Acridge, William, DC
  • Beemer, Cindy S., DC
  • Dawson, Chad, DC
  • Dickerson, J. Michael, DC
  • Gibson, Mitchell, DC
  • Hensley, Kelly, DC
  • Johnson, Kirk, DC
  • Kimbrell, Susan, APRN
  • Masters, Blair B., DC
  • Myshka, James E., DC
  • Walker, Eric, DC
  • Weeks, Larry, DC
  • Whitelaw, Steven W., DC
  • Wulf, Todd, DC

  • Carson, Shelli, MS, CCC
  • Chinn, Carol, AuD
  • Magee, Gretchn, AuD
  • Norbash, Sherrie, MS

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